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May 21,22  2020

Wheelchair Missions Release Form
                                      Our Youth
Celebrating 5 years of Mission to Sager Brown UMCOR
101 Sager Brown Rd.
Baldwin, LA  70514

Know Before you go:   Sager Brown 

UMCOR Sager Brown 2019
Morgan Scott Project - TN
July 13 - 17, 2015
           Deby Klyce 
Missions EL SALVADOR 2019
See Picture in Photos Tab
Sardis Local Missions 2020
5th Mission Trip.jpg
           Many Farms AZ
Lakeside Fellowship UMC


                Hand-Made Face Masks for Methodist                                                    LeBonheur

Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare has sent a letter to the District
Office asking for the help of our District churches in making face
masks for their healthcare workers. The instructions below are to
create cloth masks that can extend the life of N-95 masks.

                                          DIY FACE MASK SUPPLIES
* Tightly-woven cotton fabric, no knit fabric, on both sides - Please
prewash the fabric before assembly
*Two 9 inch X6 inch rectangles of fabric for Adult, 7.5 inch X 5 inch
for Child
*Preferred method: Two 7 inch pieces of 1/8 inch flat elastic (cord
elastic or beading elastic may also be used)
*Alternative method: If you cannot find elastic, you can use four
fabric ties, one in each corner. Each tie will be 1 8 inches long.
Sew one tie in each corner, being careful not to catch the ties in the
side seams
*Scissors or rotary cutter and mat
*Sewing machine

                                     HOW TO MAKE A FACE MASK
1. Place the right sides of the fabric facing each other. Place the
elastic or ties, inside each corner (on the short sides) of the interior
of the pocket.
2. Instead of pinning the elastic or ties, it is simple to place it inside
as you sew around the outside edge of the fabric. If using cord or
beading elastic tie a knot in the ends.
3. Stitch all the way around leaving about a two inch opening in the
middle, along one of the long sides.
4. Turn right side out and press.
5. Make three pleats on each end where the elastic is sewn. Pin.
Make sure the pleats are going the same direction on each side.
6. Stitch all the way around the masks twice.


When you complete your masks, get in touch with Iris Holloway
at either or 601-214-1 154. She will be
in charge of getting these to Jennifer Garrott at LeBonheur.


Items Needed for Many Farms – Navajo Nation – Lakeside Fellowship UMC -

The Nation’s immediate medical needs include the following:
•    N95 Masks
•    Non-latex gloves (nitrile) and other medical grade gloves
•    Goggles/eye protection
•    Surgical and isolation masks
•    Thermometers (no touch scan)
•    Portable pulse oximeters (handheld)
•    Ventilators
•    Non-perfumed hand sanitizer (60% or more ethanol alcohol or 70% isopropanol)
•    Disinfecting wipes and sprays
•    Alcohol-based cleaning wipes (e.g. Sani-Cloth wipes)

The Nation’s immediate community needs include the following:
•    Disposable masks and cloth/fabric masks*
•    Cleaning supplies, including disinfectant wipes and spray
•    Liquid hand soap and hand sanitizer
•    Toiletries
•    Thermometers
•    Paper products (paper towels, toilet paper, and tissue)
•    Non-perishable food
•    Bottled water
•    Baby necessities, including formula, diapers, and wipes
•    Hay and feed for livestock
•    Pet food
•    Firewood and coal


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